Falling Squarez Unreleased - Falling Squarez is a simple fast-paced arcade game to push you to your limits

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#arcadegame #androidgame #gamedev #indidev #betatester

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Falling Squarez Unreleased

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Falling Squarez Unreleased

#arcadegame #androidgame #gamedev #indidev #betatester

Beta Update from 29 Mar 2018
Version 1.0
By Google Play

What's New

Update 0.96

Added square customisation options!

Fixed particle color inconsistency.

Update 0.95

- Added background customisation!

- Changed icons/buttons to work with customisations

Older Updates

- New look!

- Added achievements to unlock!

- Added new help screen

- Now supports more devices

- Added Leaderboards. Now you can compare high scores with your friends!

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App Description

Falling Squarez is a simple (but hard to master) fast-paced arcade game to push you to your limits! Are you fast enough?

The rules are simple! Destroy all the falling squares before they reach their destination! If you fail, everything you know is over!


  • Leaderboards, challenge your friends to come out on top!
  • Achievements, can you unlock them all?
  • Intense gameplay and music!
  • Background customisation, unlock stuff to change things up! - More types coming soon!

This game is currently still in development. Please email any problems you have to [email protected] or in the feedback section bellow.

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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