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#attendance #meetup #social #meeting #events

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Attendance Log Unreleased

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Attendance Log Unreleased

#attendance #meetup #social #meeting #events

Beta Update from 16 Aug 2018
Version 0.4.4
By Google Play

What’s New

Added a new Feature called Events. Here you can take attendance for a particular day and not have to mess up your daily attendance. Let's say you are a teacher and are taking your students on a field trip on a certain day. You can mark that event apart from your normal daily attendance list!
Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

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App Description

Are you tired of having to look for a pen when your about to take attendance?

When you finally find one, then you reach for notebook, but let's face it, you left it at home next to your wallet when you had to hurry up to catch the bus or train. Now you have to find a piece of paper to take the attendance. Hope you didn't miss somebody because you don't have a list of names and have to do it by sight.

Do you have your smartphone or hand? Let's face it, the answer to that is yes! Everybody carries their smartphone nowadays. If not you wouldn't have been looking in the Play Store for the best attendance tracker available!

Introducing Attendance Book! The best attendance tracker on the Play Store.

Free Features:

  • Take attendance with a tap of a button!
  • Everybody you add will be stored in your smartphone storage so can forget about the names of your roster and concentrate on the important things.
  • Keep track of your roster of students or group with an easily to visualize table.

  • Soon to be implemented! -

Free features:

  • Spanish Translation.
  • Change color of the theme.

Paid Features:

  • Able to print the in-app table.
  • Be able to export data as a text tab delimited so you can use it in your favorite spreadsheet.
  • Export data in Google Sheets and Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.
  • Online syncing with your favorite cloud service.
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