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Sketch Beta test

#sony #scetch #sonymobile #androidapps #sonyapps

Beta Update from 18 Aug 2018
By Google+ Community

Hi beta testers!

There is a new beta out for you to try out. In addition to bug fixes, we have tweaked a few of the brushes in response to user feedback. The most noticeable one is that the pencil is reverted to how it was before the beta, so that is draws thicker and grainier strokes.

This time we have included a settings screen in the editor with some experimental features:

Brush stroke smoothing will even out some of the squiggliness that occurs on some devices when trying to draw a straight line. Later we might add the possibility of changing the amount of smoothing. Please give on feedback on this one!

Brush stroke animations only work for three brushes: watercolor, dots, and stars. This is an experimental feature that is meant to add some feel and liveliness to some of the brushes. Depending on feedback we might do more work on this or remove it.

If you turn off "lock device orientation", you will be able to rotate your device in the editor and the UI will rotate with you. Also, when you open a landscape sketch on a phone, the UI will no longer rotate automatically if this setting is turned off.

The last one (interpolation) is a special setting for developers and beta testers. It makes it possible to more easily inspect the individual pixels of a sketch when you zoom in. This mode is much slower than the normal one (it will probably make the editor lag a lot and hard to use), so use it sparingly.

Let us know what you think!

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App Description

To become a Beta tester of Sketch you need to join this community.

The Sketch Beta Community is the channel used for communicating to our Beta testers.

Be aware that anyone can join this group, so feel free to spread information about this! We want to have as many Beta testers as possible. More users gives us more feedback on the new things we deliver!

We are planning to release frequently, our ambition is to release every 6 to 8 week, not all releases will be beta releases. We will have 3 kind of release,

  • the normal release (full functionality and full translation)
  • the normal release (almost full functionality) with English only and 1-2 bugs – normal release should be available 2-3 weeks after
  • traditional beta release, testing functionality which we may or may not release later in an official release First beta release was done week 9.
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