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Creative Beta

#wallpaper #wallpapers #androidwallpaper #creative #ringtones

Beta Update from 12 Aug 2018
By Google+ Community

Hello guys. me and +Walter Tomiati are working a lot. we apologize for the wait.

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App Description

CREATIVE is under development. Some features are disabled.

Wallpaper and Ringtones:

Download hundreds of Wallpaper and Ringtones made available by the CREATIVE Community. You can buy by uploading your Wallpaper / Ringtones directly from Creative. Loading is quick and easy. Wallpaper and Ringtones are divided into categories. You have the possibility to save your favorites and leave "Like" to everything you like. Even your uploads can receive likes.

PREMIUM WALLPAPER (It is not active yet)

In the Premium Wallpaper section, see hundreds of Exclusive Wallpaper. The Free version provides 6 Premium Wallpaper per day


To upload your wallpaper, you need to sign in to your Google account. The minimum resolution for upload is 1440x2560 pixels.


To upload your Ringtones you need to log in to your Google account. The maximum duration is 30 seconds


Log in with your Google account to upload your work. You have the possibility to modify your profile and add links to your social networks

HOMESCREEN (Coming Soon)

WIDGET (Coming soon)


SUITER EDITOR (Coming soon)


TEMPLATE (Coming soon)

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Community Status: Open
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