MyTurf Beta - Lay tiles on a board and claim areas by enclosing them in this two-player game

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#boardgame #androidgame #gamedev #indiedev #multyplayer

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MyTurf Beta

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MyTurf Beta

#boardgame #androidgame #gamedev #indiedev #multyplayer

Beta Update from 13 Mar 2018
Version 1.0
By Google Play

What's New

- Settings page with sound on/off options.

- All tiles must be used up to complete

the board.

- When a player who has one tile more on

stock than the opponent decides to claim,

a tile is transferred to the other player\'s


- Stock of blocker tiles has been halved.

- 80% threshold for claims has been

reduced to 70%.

- Bars indicate scores in game window.

- Finished games are opened in replay mode.

- Game window rotates together with screen.

- Improved tile alignment on game board.

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App Description

Lay tiles on a board and claim areas by enclosing them in this two-player game. Challenge other players to a customized game, selecting board size and a pattern of start tiles. Improve your tactics and compare your rating to others. The game includes a messaging function for communication with other players.

TestingCatalog Rating: 8
Community Status: Open
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