SocialMob Beta - SocialMob is a global community where people from different walks of life can meet, converse and learn from each other

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SocialMob Beta

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SocialMob Beta

#social #community #androidapp #betatesting #androidapps

Beta Update from 18 Jul 2018
Version 4.2.2
By Google Play

What’s New

1) Faster image loading.
2) Bugs fixed - better performance.

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App Description

SocialMob is a global community where people from different walks of life can meet, converse and learn from each other.

The app is a fresh initiative for delivering unrivalled and exclusive online entertainment to its global audiences. Ranging from fashion & lifestyle tips, education guidelines, to breaking entertainment news, SocialMob aims to offer an in-depth coverage of various aspects of life through a completely intuitive and innovative perspective.

A hotbed of views and opinions, it offers ample opportunities for visitors to express their thoughts, find and communicate with similar yet different people, and address the society at large. You can create communities based on a united interest and discuss as well as debate to create long-lasting solutions to the world's problems. It's a completely personalized platform that allows you to follow the news, read stories from around the world and browse through articles while enjoying trendy and original collections from our music database. Choose your genre and get going!

Depending on your interest the AI in the app will customize itself, giving you the latest - of what you like - from the infotainment world. We have lots more coming your way so download Social Mob and try it out! Please Spread the word if you like us! Social mob is only available for users of age 18 and over. Do you have Terms of Service problems while downloading or installing the app? Need any help? Please tell us more about the issue.

TestingCatalog Rating: 5
Community Status: Open

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