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    What's New


    UPDATE: Refactoring app to multiprocess architecture: min RAM in idle mode

    UPDATE: Better crashing resolving policy

    NEW: Fingerprint API

    FIX: Show RESTART dialog when Power button hold

    FIX: Battery imrovments

    FIX: Some bug, Lock screen freeze problems

    FIX: Crashes on KitKat

    FIX: Crashes on Chinese locale

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    22 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update

    APP. Here's the link for our beta version of the application´╗┐
    APK. You can also download an .apk -

    TRANSLATE. Here you can help us translate the app to your native language - very easy and convenient service!

    VOTING. And here everyone can vote for which services, you would like to see on the lock screen (highest vote will be added first):

    Thank you for showing interest and joining the Community! ;) ´╗┐

    13 Mar 2017 Google+ Community Update 470 Community Members