ezTurns Queue Display beta - Customers queue management ezTurns is the fast and cheap solution for your business

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#business #chromecast #kiosk #shop #tickets

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ezTurns Queue Display beta

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ezTurns Queue Display beta

#business #chromecast #kiosk #shop #tickets

Beta Update from 20 Aug 2018
Version 1.2.2-42
By Google Play

What’s New

Added verbal announcements to be played on your TV (Gonna need audio recording permission for that)
Now you can print your brand logo in your tickets.
Better display support for large number of windows, single window and number autofitting.
Assign a color to each service button in your kiosk.
Crop your images before you add them to the gallery.
Bug fixes and performance improvements.

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App Description

Customers queue management ezTurns is the fast and cheap solution for your business. Install a TV with Chromecast in your store and begin serving customers in arrival order.

Professionalize your shop with ezTurns

  • Installs in less than 10 minutes
  • No cables needed: connect the whole system using a wireless network
  • No need for external technicians to install and setup
  • Cast your shop's customers queue order to any Chromecast connected TV
  • Add multiple mirrored TVs with ease to make queue number visible from everywhere
  • No need for a dedicated PC, save space and energy!!!
  • Increase sales keeping your customers happy
  • Avoid waiting lines in barriers
  • Customizable design: choose colors, sliding images and more for your system display
  • Showcase products and services: Take advantage of your customer's idle time to make announcements or advertising through a gallery of images
  • Setup a welcome kiosk using an android tablet with the same app
  • Print tickets from your kiosk through a Bluetooth-POS compatible printer customizing header and footer text for a more profesional look
  • Save money reusing your existing hardware: call your customers from any smartphone or web browser running in a desktop PC
  • Useful from small stores up to big retails. Are you expanding your business? No problem, we've got you covered

How to setup

  1. Download ezTurns for free in Play Store.

    • Place a regular ticket dispenser at your shop's entrance or
  2. Setup a kiosk installing ezTurns on a tablet and print tickets using a Bluetooth printer.

  3. Customize the display's appearance.

  4. Start casting to a Chromecast connected TV and you're good to go!

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