Hypertangram: Tangram with a twist Beta - This is not your ordinary tangram

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Hypertangram: Tangram with a twist Beta

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Hypertangram: Tangram with a twist Beta


Beta Update from 11 Jan 2018
By Google Play

What's New

Unlockable locked puzzles (Sorry!).

Usability fixes.

Cleaner icon.

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App Description

The tangram game reinvented with one simple twist - resizing pieces!

This is not your ordinary tangram. Solve puzzles by dragging, rotating, and RESIZING pieces to form shapes. The resizing mechanic adds a new dimension to the classic tangram. This brings on many tricky dissection puzzles.

This geometry puzzle game will surely challenge your visual brain and logic skills.

There are varying levels of difficulty: from simple shape matching to misleading and crafty puzzles.

  • Completely free game.
  • Simple and intuitive controls.
  • Well-thought-out level design exploring all the tricky situations you could get into.
  • Graphics are minimalist, clean, and modern. Abstract, yet tangible.
  • Delightful and physical animations.
  • Jazz music. :D
TestingCatalog Rating: 4
Community Status: Open

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