Linux CLI Launcher Beta - Are you sick of all those colorful and chaotic launchers?

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#linux #commandline #cmd #terminal #linuxos

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Linux CLI Launcher Beta

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Linux CLI Launcher Beta

#linux #commandline #cmd #terminal #linuxos

Beta Update from 24 Jul 2018
By Google+ Community

New beta


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App Description

Are you sick of all those colorful and chaotic launchers? Did Icons, App Drawer and Dock bother you enough? Do you miss those times when you could do whatever you wanted with a simple command and the enter key? Then, T-UI Launcher and its Linux-like CLI (Command Line Interface) are a must for your Device.


  • T-UI commands (like uninstall, open, sms, ..)
  • Native Android/Linux commands
  • aliases, use your favourites commands faster
  • suggestions, to help you compose your commands
  • tuixt, in-app text editor
  • widely customizable launcher
  • CLI music player
  • full Linux-like CLI interface

Some T-UI commands:

  • uninstall [app]
  • sms [contact] [text]
  • call [contact]
  • calc [expression]
  • search [google, playstore, youtube, files]
  • wifi
  • flash
  • share [file]
  • mv / cp [file] [dest]
  • many other Linux commands

Thanks to Luke Winward for his original idea and for the beta testing. Without Luke this Linux CLI Launcher wouldn't be as it is.

Feel free to e-mail me for problems or suggestion. If you like my work leave a positive rate, or offer me a coffee: PayPal

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TIP: don't install this if you don't like having a CLI as your home Launcher, if you hate Linux or those two things together

This app uses the Device Administrator permission.

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