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Next Lock Screen Beta

Customer Driven Development

Beta Update from 13 May 2018
Version 3.11.5
By Google Play

What’s New

What's new:
- Fixing bugs

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App Description


We are super excited to have you here. The Beta program is about letting you try out and give feedback around features that are already in the Beta. Just a heads up, if you do post new features ideas here, we are unlikely able to add them to the current Beta; however, we would love it if you could post those ideas on the public forum where all users can vote on them:


Then select "BECOME A TESTER" after which you'll get confirmation that "You are now a tester." Then to download, select the highlighted link "Download Next Lock Screen from the Play Store." Moving forward, you'll always get the latest Beta build when installing Next.


Check out the forum category "Beta Build Details" for the latest build release number and details. If you've clicked on the link above, you'll get the latest build within 24 hours (rolled out gradually by the Google Play Store). If you uninstall Next and then re-install from the store, you'll also get the latest Beta build simply by being in the Beta program.


Please use this Community group for bugs, issues, and questions related to the current Beta for Next.

Note, you might scan or search the posts to see if the bug or issue has already been reported - if so, feel free to +1 the post to indicate that you noticed it too. In addition, you can comment to add any additional details or repro steps.

Please continue to use the Public user forum for new ideas or feature requests.

Thanks again, and welcome!!

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