Service - for flight delays beta - Service gets you paid anytime your flight is delayed or cancelled

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Service - for flight delays beta

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Service - for flight delays beta

#flight #plane #travel #insurance #flightcancel

Beta Update from 20 Apr 2018
Version 4.1 and up
By Google Play

What’s New

Bug fixes and performance enhancements

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App Description

Service gets you paid anytime your flight is delayed or cancelled. Using our proprietary technology, sync your inbox and we automatically find past flight delays and file claims to get you compensation (over $300 for the average inbox on first connection!). We then monitor your future travel and file a claim anytime you're delayed or cancelled. Next time you travel, relax knowing that we've got your back!

  • Finds delayed/cancelled flights you were on up to 12 months ago and files claims for compensation from the airline
  • With AutoProtect, we automatically file a claim with the airline anytime you're delayed or cancelled in the future
  • We only get paid if we get results for you! We charge 30% of the value of what we get you (usually a travel voucher, sometimes miles).

2016 People’s Voice Webby Award Winner, Mobile Sites & Apps: Service and Utilities

"An app that you're going to love. It does your complaining for you." - The Today Show

"Service did it. The whole thing took about half an hour. Oh, happy day!" - CNET

"Continue your travels. Call a family member. Go have a fantastic meal. Meanwhile Service is hard at work for you, solving your issue." - TravelPulse

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