Texter (SMS, MMS, IM) Beta - Texter is simple, easy to use, feature rich, SMS/ MMS /IM application

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#texter #sms #messenger #mms #communication

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Texter (SMS, MMS, IM) Beta

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Texter (SMS, MMS, IM) Beta

#texter #sms #messenger #mms #communication

Beta Update from 05 Apr 2018
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What’s New

- Bug Fixes

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App Description

Texter is simple, easy to use, feature rich, SMS/MMS /IM application. Just open up Texter, verify your number, and setup is done. Texter will intelligently switch between IM, SMS, and MMS message sending, based on who you are messaging. If the person your talking to has Texter you will see the Texter Color Bar below your conversation. The Texter Color Bar will show you when someone is typing - as well as when other actions are happening in the conversation. You will also be able to view read receipts and delivery receipts for your sent messages.

Sharing pictures and videos have never been better! With Texter you can send full quality pictures and videos.

Custom backgrounds - Texter will use the phones current home screen background as the background in Texter - giving you enhanced customization abilities.

Backward Compatible Emojis: No more ☐ symbols when your friends send you new emojis. Texter will be able to identify whether your phone supports the emoji and display any unsupported using Emoji Compact - so your conversations never loose emotion or means just because you don't have the latest OS update.


  • Quick Website Preview
  • Web Picture Preview
  • Easy Set Up
  • High Quality Video and Picture Sharing
  • File Sharing
  • Read Receipts
  • Delivery Receipts
  • See Who is Typing
  • Dark Mode
  • Auto Dark Mod
  • Backward Compatible Emojis

You can join the alpha by joining the Texter-Alpha Google Groups forum here: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/texter-alpha

You can also login to the website here https://www.texterapp.org but the site is still mostly under construction

TestingCatalog Rating: 17
Community Status: Open

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