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n7player BETA

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n7player BETA

#n7player #androidapp #player #betatesting #android

Beta Update from 24 Feb 2018
Version 3.0.8
By Google Play

What's New

Full changelog here: http://n7player.com/changelog/

Please update the n7player unlocker to latest version!

n7player 3.0 has finally arrived! A lot of stuff got changed, here are the most important ones:

- Redesigned UI with Material Design in mind

- Crossfade, fader and a lot of bugfixes

- New widgets and a mini-player

Info: 2.x skins won't work since 3.0 release, sorry about that. If you bought any skin released by N7 Mobile, you will get themes for free in n7p 3.0.

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App Description

To begin testing join community and click:

  • n7player beta: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.n7mobile.nplayer
  • Install n7player and you are ready to go! All comments and suggestions are welcome (especially reports from not supported devices).

To quit beta, just click the upper link again and choose "Leave the program".

TestingCatalog Rating: 16
Community Status: Open
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