Wize Video Editor and Cutter beta - An intuitive video editor

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#wize #video #videoedittor #vlog #wizevideo

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Wize Video Editor and Cutter beta


Wize Video Editor and Cutter beta

#wize #video #videoedittor #vlog #wizevideo

Craft a video to your taste in minutes, with full control on the output! No limits on export size, length, quality. Supports square format, as well as wide formats. No adds.

Wize editor is a small video editor, still offering high quality output at large resolution. You can trim videos, join with images, add effects, control effect intensity by gestures, add color modes, soundtrack, and export the result in various aspect ratios and resolutions.

It works offline, does not require an account, does not have adds or watermarks, and is completely free to use.

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