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Curated: Quality Games [BETA]

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Curated: Quality Games [BETA]


Beta Update from 17 Sep 2017
By Google Play

What's New

- Added Privacy Policy

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App Description

Tired of spending hours trying to find a great game to play? So are we. Pay-to-win social MMOs have destroyed mobile gaming, making it almost impossible to find a quality game in the Play Store.

That's why we're picking the best Android gaming has to offer and collecting them here. We neatly tag & categorise all apps so that you can find the genre you're interested in, without wasting your time scouring the Play Store.

  • Over 200 excellent games to play
  • Filter games by over 40 different tags - Turn-based strategy, roguelike, 8-bit, point-and-click, you name it!
  • On a budget? Use the filters to show only free games, or sort by price.
  • Against IAPs? Search for games that don't offer in-app purchases.
  • New: Find games with controller support.

Whether you're looking for turn-based strategy, action RPGs, or retro pixel games, Curated has something for everyone! We spend time finding the best games so you don't have to.

Curated makes it easy to discover the best games on Android!

Please note that Curated is still in Beta - as such, we expect some bugs. If you notice any bugs, or have any suggestions, please contact us at [email protected]

Regarding Screenshots Due to Google's policy on Intellectual Property, we cannot provide nice screenshots of the app without the written consent of the developer's who have created the applications listed. If you are a developer of an app featured by Curated and would like your application featured in the screenshots, please contact us with a small note of written consent at [email protected]

Open Advertising We're trying to promote awesome advertising in this app (not the usual 'you have a virus' spam). As such, we've built our own advertising network from the ground-up. We'll sometimes show apps with a small 'sponsored' message beside them in the feed, but we'll NEVER attempt to show an advert as an organic listing.

Read about what we think advertising should be here:

Or you can view the data for all advertisements here:

Permissions Explained Identity: Required by Google Play Services (GCM) to receive optional notifications for games you're interested in. Wi-Fi Connection: Used by the app to give more descriptive error messages, e.g. when your internet connection is down. In-App Billing: Optional in-app purchase to support development of Curated and hide the sponsored games

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Community Status: Open

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