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    Dear community members. Caller ID is currently not working. We're ALL aware of this issue, as are the developers. The servers supporting all Caller ID related functions had to be taken down for maintenance and fixes, which became urgent and could not be performed without taking these services offline.

    +Barak Witkowski drupe's CEO and Cofounder, has expressed, multiple times, that the service will be restored, as soon as possible.

    This community is being flooded by the exact same questions, in some cases, multiple times by the same user.

    Any further discussion of this matter MUST be limited to responses to THIS thread.


    We want to hear and address your concerns, but these concerns have already been addressed MANY, MANY times.

    I personally apologize for the NEED to address this matter SO sternly, but it is becoming impossible to handle any other business in the community, and it's placing an undue burden on the developers, when their time would be better spent focusing on getting the issue resolved, rather than repeating the same answers, over and over.

    We sincerely appreciate your understanding, at this time. PLEASE help us to help you.

    Thank you.

    The previously pinned thread concerning the "security breach" may be found at https://plus.google.com/113933703240129876448/posts/Qi9uhMMk5CL

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    24 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 46935 Community Members

    Dear users,

    Yesterday it was brought to our attention that there was a breach in our servers, that was taken care of immediately. Nevertheless we feel it's our responsibility to you to be transparent about that.
    The breach potentially enabled unauthorized access to certain users’ media files and images sent using drupe Talkie or drupe's proprietary image sharing feature.

    Once informed about it, we immediately blocked all access to Talkie and images stored on our servers. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by this operation. We took this measure to protect the privacy of our users.

    We are investigating this event and taking additional measures to keep the security of our users as our top priority.

    We want to be clear - We don't commercialize nor monetize any of our users' data. We never did that.

    We'll keep working hard to bring you the best mobile experience.

    The drupe team

    09 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 46671 Community Members

    A new beta version is available: 3.026.0029X-Rel
    This version includes mostly bug fixes that you guys reported.
    In parallel, we're working on new features to be released soon.
    Feel free to share a feedback with us about the new version.
    Cheers, Barak

    25 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 46406 Community Members

    Version 3.020.0031X-Rel

    What’s New

    ★ Call screen themes
    Your call screen got a brand new look! Choose a drupe theme, and it will also change the looks of your call screen.
    ★ Reject a call with WhatsApp
    When rejecting a call with a message, you can now choose SMS or WhatsApp

    10 Apr 2018 Google Play Release Update

    A new version is available (3.025.0013X-Rel)
    - Bugfix: dual sim display not shown on outgoing calls
    - Bugfix: twitter login button may be disabled on previous version

    05 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 45881 Community Members

    A new version is available (3.021.0063X-Rel)
    - Themes now affect the call screen as well!
    - Reject call with WhatsApp messages (Beta)
    - Revised call screen gestures to answer/reject/record/snooze
    - Added EDIT option to after-call views
    - Bug fix: Users stuck on notification permissions in onboarding
    - Bug fix: Cannot play recorded call from contact information view
    - Bug fix: Call recorder was enabled even if "record all calls" was not checked (in rare cases, after a call was manually recorded)
    - Bug fix: Hotspot background remained on screen when unlocking using fingerprint
    - Bug fix: Show GIF call indication when receiving a call in full screen and drupe is default dialer
    - Bug fix: Incoming call waiting from a number in block list may disconnect active call

    25 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 45627 Community Members

    What happens on YOUR phone when you disable BOTH the Android stock phone and drupe acting as your default dialer?

    1) System Settings => Apps => Application List => Phone => Disable + Force Stop.

    2) Drupe Settings => Call Screen => Default Dialer => Disabled.

    3) Reboot, just to be on the safe side of testing, and verify that above settings are still valid.

    What would you expect to happen when you try to dial outgoing calls from drupe or any other dialer, hence what will happen to outgoing calls?

    What would you expect to happen when you call your mobile from another phone (landline), hence what will happen to incoming calls?

    17 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 45414 Community Members

    I hate to open a new thread on this, since I know it was reported fairly recently (last 2-3 weeks, I think), but I can't find the original thread, and haven't heard any news on it. I guess it's not a SUPER BIG deal, but it is rather annoying.

    With Beep/Vibration set to "Vibrate Only," it is NOT vibrating, but IT IS beeping, at the beginning & end of calls.

    I also find, the alert, when making a call, occurs immediately before the call begins to ring, NOT when the other party answers.

    12 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 45246 Community Members

    If you'd to help us translate it - just follow this link:
    Thanks a lot to all the contributors!

    21 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 44686 Community Members

    Version 1.0

    What's New

    ★ Claim my name ★

    Choose how you want to be identified in other people's phone! Try it from Settings -> Caller ID -> Claim my name.

    16 Feb 2018 Google Play Release Update