Guru Shakespeare Beta - Guru Shakespeare is a trivia game app based upon the classic Shakespearean play, Hamlet. It presents the original text of Hamlet and associated in-depth trivia questions based upon each individual scene

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Guru Shakespeare Android game beta testing

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Guru Shakespeare Beta

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Guru Shakespeare Beta

Guru Shakespeare Android game beta testing

Beta Update from 17 Sep 2017
By Google Play

What's New

First release of Guru Shakespeare App.

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App Description

Exploring the Bard doesn’t have to be hard!

Overview of Guru Shakespeare

Guru Shakespeare is a trivia game app based upon the classic Shakespearean play, Hamlet. It presents the original text of Hamlet and associated in-depth trivia questions based upon each individual scene. It also presents a score ranking for each scene when a quiz section is completed. If you feel you need to brush up on your Shakespeare, this is the app for you.

Benefits of Guru Shakespeare:

If you have an upcoming exam on Shakespeare, and you need to do well, Guru Shakespeare is the ideal educational tool to have at your side to become a top performing student.

Some of the questions for each scene are loosely based upon up-to-date leaving cert questions.

Identify spots in specific scenes where your knowledge is lacking or weak. Guru Shakespeare trivia questions are devised scene-by-scene. At the end of each quiz section, an award is delivered based upon your performance.

If you’re on the go, travelling for lengthy periods during the day, you can simply pull out your phone with this handy App installed and instantly improve your Shakespearean knowledge. Read, revise or rehearse even at the bus stop. How cool is that!

Guru Shakespeare is a great way to remember and reinforce your knowledge of this fantastic classical play. Don’t be stumped at an important exam by a play you read three months ago. Bolster your knowledge, and become an expert.

Monitor your progress as you read the play by taking a quiz at the end of each scene.

Impress your friends and acting colleagues by the depth of your cultural knowledge. Quote your favourite lines from Shakespeare when in the right company.

Even if you’re not actively studying Shakespeare, this App is still a fantastic way to appreciate the arts and expand your Shakespearean expertise. Guru Shakespeare is for all age groups and can act as an educational tool for a wide audience.

Guru Shakespeare Features:

Browse to each individual scene from a contents page. Navigate this fantastic classical play from this single page.

Play an in-depth quiz for each specific scene of the play. Each scene quiz tests a user knowledge from the corresponding scene. Questions vary in levels of difficulty to make the game more enjoyable and engaging.

Achieve an award for each scene quiz that has been completed. Track your progress and repeat reading a scene if you feel you need to improve.

Look back over the entire play to see how good your knowledge is for each specific scene. Identify and work on weak spots that you need to improve.

The trivia content is scene-relevant.

Some of the trivia questions are based loosely on up-to-date Leaving Certificate questions.

The quiz section for each scene is timed to allow you test your knowledge under pressure.

Brief background of Hamlet

The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, or also often shortened to just Hamlet was one of Shakespeare's most renowned plays and is set in Denmark. Hamlet a young prince at the royal court is aggrieved by the loss of his late father who he soon discovers was murdered by his uncle Claudius the newly installed King. The new king has taken Hamlets widowed mother as his Queen.

Terms of use for Guru Shakespeare

Terms of use:

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