Memory Maniac beta - User should identify the word and open tiles in the order of the letters

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Memory Maniac beta

Memory Mniac beta testing

Beta Update from 12 Sep 2017
By Google Play

What's New

1. Better help text

2. Quick reminder for user when stuck

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App Description

How to play

  • Letters of a word will be shuffled across the nine tiles.
  • After 10 seconds all tiles will be covered.
  • User should identify the word and open tiles in the order of the letters.

Skills required

  • You should remember position of each letter
  • You should able to do permutation to find the actual word


  • Total 7 levels [3 to 9]
  • Word length will be increase in each level.
  • Every level has three difficulty categories.
  • At any time user can choose the level and difficulty in settings menu;
  • No time limits or no limits in number of attempts.


  • After 3 consecutive wrong attempts hint buttons will start appearing.
  • Three hint buttons will appear one by one. First will show the lexical category, second the meaning of the word and the third hint will show the word itself.
  • Using each hint will reduce the score.


Word power, vocabulary builder, English vocabulary, vocabulary, words, brain, brain power, memory power, knowledge, skill, GRE vocabulary, IELTS vocabulary

TestingCatalog Rating: 2
Community Status: Open

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