Password Store beta - This application tries to be 100% compatible with pass (

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Password Store Android app beta testing

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Password Store beta

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Password Store beta

Password Store Android app beta testing

Beta Update from 01 Apr 2018
By APK Mirror

What’s New

This release contain mostly PullRequests from community. Thank you all :)

New features:

Password age
Hide passwords from other accessibility services
Add Arabic translation and update the Japanese one
Inform the user that the ssh-key passphrase is not yet stored securely

Bug fixes:

Fix autofill crash on Oreo

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App Description

This application tries to be 100% compatible with pass (

It is available in open source at

Requires to encrypt and decrypt passwords.


  • Clone an existing pass repository
  • Autofill passwords in applications and in Chrome based on the url
  • Initialize a new pass repository
  • List the passwords
  • Handle the directories as categories
  • Decrypt the password files (first line is the password, the rest is extra data)
  • Add a new password to the current category (or no category if added at the root)
  • Pull and Push changes to the remote repository
  • Ability to change remote repository info

Not yet implemented:

  • Create a new category
  • Multi-select (for password deletion)
  • Multiple password stores (multiple git repositories).
TestingCatalog Rating: 9
Community Status: Open

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