Vortex Cloud Gaming beta - You don’t need a high-end PC or console to play the latest games!

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Vortex Cloud Gaming beta

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Vortex Cloud Gaming beta

#vortex #gaming #cloudgame #gamer #gamers

Beta Update from 08 Aug 2018
Version Varies with device
By Google Play

What’s New

  • Experimental ultra-low latency mode
  • Lower cursor latency
  • Better performance

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App Description

You don’t need a high-end PC or console to play the latest games! Play games from the Vortex library on almost any kind of internet-connected device.

How does Vortex work?

All games are installed on our powerful servers, so there’s no downloading or updating.

Press ‘Play game’ and get your very own cloud gaming machine, with cutting edge nVidia hardware, up and running in seconds!

The game is streamed from our datacenters straight to you.

Start your cloud gaming experience with subscription as low as 2,99$ for first week!


1 High-quality graphics No matter what hardware you have - thanks to Vortex streaming technology you can enjoy beautiful visuals in every game.

2 Instant access You’ll never have to wait for installations or downloads again. Just click and play.

3 All games in one subscription Get access to over 100 games - with monthly updates.

TestingCatalog Rating: 4
Community Status: Open

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