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Wifi Expert: Fix your Internet beta

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Wifi Expert: Fix your Internet beta


Beta Update from 27 Nov 2017
By Google Play

What's New

NEW ! Brand new Automatic WiFi Repair feature !

NEW ! Repair your WiFi with one click or turn on Automatic repair for automatic monitoring and care of your WiFi connection.

Slow WiFi speeds, frequent disconnections ? Automatic repair identifies all the common issues with Android WiFi and fixes it automatically for you. No work required on your part.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This app uses Accessibility services to take settings actions on user's behalf to solve connectivity issues.

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App Description

First AI agent to solve Wifi issues! Just a simple chat interface, no tapping or looking for buttons!

Now anyone can be a Wifi expert and solve Wifi problems. Try out Wifi Expert to see how the future of IT looks like. Diagnose any Wifi problems, anytime. Give us feedback at [email protected] 

You can also see the app in action here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DIhyoF_QnaQ

Do you suffer from slow or congested Internet on your phone ? Is your web, streaming or download sluggish or poor ? Does your browser or app take forever to load ? Or does your Wifi just simply not work ? Wifi Tester can diagnose the problem and offer valuable suggestions or recommendations for you to try out ! Wifi Tester is a fast and reliable way to find and fix issues with your Wifi network.

Wifi Expert makes fixing Wifi woes extremely simple. You simply tell your issue to the expert in a chat and it will figure out what is wrong with your network ! No more buttons or screens to go through. You don't have to tap 10 things to get your issues resolved. Just launch the app and state your problem. We will figure out the issue and fix it.

Underneath the simplicity of Wifi Expert, we have build an intelligent AI based agent that can help answer all your questions regarding Wifi networks. When you specify your problem, it can figure out why exactly your network is slow and provide tips on how to improve your performance. It is being developed by experts in wireless networks who have taken their expertise to build an agent that will solve everyday Wifi issues people deal with in their homes, offices or anywhere else.

It can run speed tests, ping latency tests to analyze any problems with your wifi router, your cable modem for a home network and your ISP. If you are at a public hotspot it can determine if there are any issues with the wifi signal or if the network is too congested.

Wifi Tester can also provide you with valuable remedies to solve any wifi issues. For example, if it determines that the signal is weak, it can suggest that you move to a spot with a better signal to improve your wifi speeds. It isolate problems with the network such as a fault with the wifi router or with the cable modem.

Further technical details on what Wifi Tester can do for you:

  1. It can computer your HTTP download and upload speeds by running a bandwidth test to the closest server for your location.

  2. It can compute the latency to your Domain Name Servers (DNS) that are configured on the phone. It can also test your primary and secondary (or alternative) DNS servers to see if changing them might help solve any issues.

  3. It can do a latency test to your gateway, your wifi router or your cable modem (if you are using your home wifi network).

  4. It can determine if your phone is spending too much time in attempting to authenticate to the wifi network or if it is jumping around from one wifi network to another.

  5. It can also diagnose issues with the wifi network such as DHCP lease problems or MAC address access control lists which could be blocking the web traffic.

  6. It can offer intelligent suggestions based on the issue seen. The app can request you to take certain actions to help fix the problem, such as moving to a spot with better signal. Or rebooting the phone, the router or the cable modem.

  7. It can help diagnose problems at the IP, TCP or the HTTP layer. It can determine if your router or your cable modem is faulty.

If there is a feature you’d like to see please email us at [email protected] Please feel free to provide feedback via that email address as well.

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