OF Launcher- New Launcher 2016 beta - Fast, Comfortable, Smart, Personalize, Let’s control our phone with this One Finger Launcher!

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OF Launcher- New Launcher 2016 beta

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OF Launcher- New Launcher 2016 beta

App Description

Fast, Comfortable, Smart, Personalize, Let’s control our phone with this One Finger Launcher!

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Fast: OF Launcher is doing everything OF your Android home screen which lets you do what you want faster. It allows convenient access to your favorite apps, system settings, switches and all your phone widgets using just one hand.

Comfortable: OF Launcher has 10+ desktop gestures including icon gestures, folder gestures, reachable gestures which make you feel comfortable to use it. You just have to swipe and slide to manage your Android, and the quick access app drawer let you get where you need to go comfortably.

Smart: OF Launcher provides a clean desktop without widgets and icons everywhere. It cleverly organizes your apps to slide-out smart folders and shows them at the home screen bottom so that you can touch every app with just one finger. You can also add more folders and arrange your favorite apps to always be within your reach.

Personalize: While apps never cover or clutter up your beautiful desktop, OF Launcher let you give every smart folder a wallpaper which shows on your phone screen. You can set your own pictures or even stars’ posters as smart folders’ wallpapers, these personalized wallpapers will make your phone stylish.

One finger control features:

  • Hold wallpaper to edit your current folder’s name, apps and wallpapers
  • Slide left/right to open drawer, slide again to enter manage page
  • Create new folders in manage page, click folder name to delete or hide it from prying eyes
  • Sometimes when the folder name keeps bouncing, it means there are more apps in the folder
  • Drag icon right/left to open drawer
  • Drag icon into Create Folder to create a new folder
  • Drag icon up/down then hold and wait, you’ ll be sent there
  • Long tap icon-> move -> hold for 0.7 sec to launch floating slider!
  • Long tap an application to rename, delete or uninstall it
  • Widget: Weather forecast widget, Music widget, shortcut widget, settings and more


Contact us: [email protected]

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