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    What's New

    A month ago, the boss and the product manager Kitty, in office

    B: Kitty, add a pet. Take Cheetah. No discussions

    K: What is in it for me (wink)

    B: Let us go to Macao for the annual gala. Will NOT leave you alone on duty (wink)

    K: Deal!

    So Cheetah pet feature is added. Confirmed that the boss stays in Beijing on duty as promised. The rest go to Macao

    Authorized themes of Kung Fu Panda, etc. are online. Business staff Emma continues negotiating to see if those can be used as Kitty's pets

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    27 Jan 2018 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    Cortana, the Microsoft voice assistant is available on your Android phone via CM Launcher 3D!

    1. Voice operation: hands-free for searching, translation and news reading

    2. Instant Info: desirable push feeds for news, nearby restaurants and itineraries

    3. Cross-device: connect and sync the phone with PC

    4. Cheer you up: Cortana can tell jokes, sing songs to turn on your good mood!

    More features for you to explore!

    Currently supported only in US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, Ireland and Hong Kong

    14 Dec 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    1. Exciting news! We hired a new product manager. A Virgo, the perfectionist, named Kitty (Do not ask how we say hello to her. Oh here she comes. Hello, Kitty...)

    2. Kitty optimized app sorting function to batch remove apps from phone screen (while they are still reachable in your phone)

    3. Still Kitty, unified guide gestures. You will see consistent white finger gestures now!

    4. Our business staff Emma has got the official licenses of Popeye, Shrek and Betty Boop for you to decorate your phones

    08 Dec 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    1. Add hundreds of fancy themes for lock screen and contacts, which will make your phone more personalized;

    2. Support more efficient operation on lock screen, such as Instant reply, Smart card and Tool box. You can get things well done without unlocking the phone;

    3. Redesign contacts with new UI and functions like batch cleaning contacts out of use.

    4. Provide all-round protection for your phone privacy, i.e. Applock, Hide apps, Intruder selfie and Anti-theft.

    09 Aug 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    Introduce Smart Locker and Contacts

    03 Aug 2017 Google Play Release Update

    Beta Version Released --Contains New Contacts,Smart Locker

    Hello friends! We are inviting you to be the tester for CM Launcher beta version. Every tester can experience all new features in advance - such as New contacts, themes, smart locker and so on! Any suggestions and opinions about CM Launcher are welcomed. Please send your feedback to [email protected]
    As the following link and click “become a tester”:

    You will get an update with a testing version shortly in Google Play after you apply. You could also leave this testing program at any time in the same page.
    Looking forward to your participation and feedback! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Our staff will provide your a better service!
    Thank you very much.
    CM Launcher Team

    01 Aug 2017 Google+ Community Update 353344 Community Members

    What's New

    -Support to boost network connection

    09 Jun 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    - Introduce App Lock to protect privacy

    - Restructure Market to offer better service

    11 May 2017 Google Play Release Update

    New and updated widgets

    Dear beta testers,

    The recent version of CM Launcher, v3.45, has changed the appearance of the time and weather widget. Next to the regular weather for the current day, the forecast for the following day will be shown as well.

    A battery widget has been added earlier too. It shows the battery life, level and temperature. You can improve the battery life with the push of a button.

    Please let us know what you think!

    If you're not using the beta version yet, and are interested in doing so, please sign up here:

    Reminder: This community is intended to help improve CM Launcher and share your thoughts about it. If you wish to send feedback directly from within the app, then please follow these steps:

    Settings icon > CM Settings > Feedback (header "More")

    Keep in mind that this means that irrelevant posts or pictures will be deleted without hesitation and can even get you banned.

    Thanks for using CM Launcher and your help!

    10 May 2017 Google+ Community Update 351164 Community Members

    What's New

    - Redesign weather widget

    06 May 2017 Google Play Release Update