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Icon Pack Studio beta Last 10 Updates

    Version 1.3 build 008

    What’s New

    - ~100 new icons added/updated

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    31 Oct 2018 Google Play Release Update

    This week the Smart Launcher team is in San Francisco! +Giovanni Piemontese +Emilio Vitulano

    18 Sep 2018 Google+ Community Update 14434 Community Members

    Version 1.3 build 001

    What’s New

    - Updated icons base;
    - Added permission request to allow Android 8.1 devices to get wallpaper colors;
    - Enabled hex editor for accurate color picking;
    - You can now share/import icon pack configurations;

    09 May 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Battery drain on Build 057
    We received several reports about important battery drain caused by SL5 build 057. We are working to understand what is happening so we need as many reports as possibile. Please attach info about your device. Thank you!

    08 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 13459 Community Members

    This is the Smart Launcher community. Here you can propose new ideas, provide feedback ask for assistance. We have few simple rules.

    If you have any question, please visit this page to see if we already have an answer to your problem: https://www.smartlauncher.net/faq/
    Otherwise feel free to ask.

    Bug reports
    Any bug report must include information about your device and android version running. Please provide a list of steps to reproduce the issue, screenshots and video are much appreciated.

    Anything not directly connected to Smart Launcher is considered spam. Spam posts will be removed and their authors banned. Section "Changelogs" and "Announcements" are intended only for staff members, you should never post there.

    19 Apr 2018 Google+ Community Update 13202 Community Members

    Smart Launcher 5 build 016
    - Fixed an issue that caused folders to be placed in the wrong position;
    - Updated translations (Swedish, Greek, Portuguese, Norwegian, Malay, Chinese, Turkish, Estonian, French)
    - Fixed many bugs there were causing crashes.

    01 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 12532 Community Members

    Smart Launcher 5 Beta will be available in few hours!
    Read here the announcement:

    22 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 11679 Community Members

    Introducing the new Smart Launcher
    We're finally ready to communicate some news about how and when the next Smart Launcher major release will be distributed.

    First of all, the name of the new version will be Smart Launcher 5. A SL4 project existed but while we were working on it we understood it was not good enough, so we decided to postpone the release to the next year to create something truly better. We will probably tell you more in a different post.

    What's new in SL5
    The list of changes is incredibly long, and we're especially proud to announce we kept all the features available in SL3. SL5 is simply much better than SL3. However we don't want to ruin the surprise so we will communicate the full changelog when SL5 will be available.

    How will the upgrade be distributed?
    The standard version of SL3 will be automatically upgraded via Play Store. SL3 Pro as app aside will remain available on Play Store and who purchased it will be able to continue using it or to download SL5 with unlocked Pro features from Play Store.

    Will it be a free update?
    Yes! You will receive the update to SL5 and you will be able to enjoy the new experience while maintaining the features you paid for. However we decided to include an optional in-app purchase to unlock some new features introduced with SL5.

    When will SL5 be available?
    We expect to expand the rollout to beta tester in about 10 days. According to our plans SL5 will be available to everyone in March.

    21 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 11675 Community Members

    What's New

    - Fixed APK exportation on Nougat devices;

    28 Nov 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    - Fixed a problem that made the original app icon unavailable (you can find it in Logo→Design)

    - Fixed a problem that caused perspective and glossy options to produce strange glitches

    - Fixed a compatibility problem with some substratum themes

    - Fixed a problem that prevented icon pack to be exported in some circumstances

    27 Nov 2017 Google Play Release Update