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GPS Route Finder City Guide beta

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GPS Route Finder City Guide beta

App Description

GPS Route Finder City Guide is an amazing application with all the features in one app. With the help of this application you can searches all the places in city you live. This application is very important and time saving for drivers specially. You can find your easiest and fastest route between two places. You have to enter your start location and end location (destination) and you will get walking and driving route. If you are live in such a place that you do not know about it no tension this application will tell you your current address.GPS Route Finder City Guide is a time saving app most effective and efficient. GPS Route Finder will make your life easy, GPS Route Finder City Guide provides you accuracy in finding destination. GPS Route Finder helps you to find the all the places of whole world with proper map. GPS Route Finder helping to save your precious time. GPS Route Finder helps you not to waste your time in long route. This App have four kind of maps i-e Terrain, Normal, Hybrid and satellite view to increase your places understanding and to clearly show your destination and understand the route that is suitable for you during journey/ traveling. GPS Route Finder City Guide takes advantage of GPS & Network to get your position on Earth, and obtains map information near your location using Google Map and GPS locator.All in one Gps route Finder City Guide best navigator on Maps.This App enables your to search and browse locations of different countries, cities all over the world. This application have the facility of finding shortest route, your current location address, path between two points etc. This application uses Global Positioning System for tracking. This application will facilitate you by showing you live update of traffic and voice instruction by showing kilometer and time as well as. Check the GPS & network is connected before you use this GPS tracking app.

With the help of this app you can find the following nearby places around you e-g accounting, airport, amusement_park, aquarium, art_gallery, atm, bakery, bank, bar, beauty_salon, bicycle_store, book_store, bowling_alley, bus_station, cafe, campground, car_dealer, car_rental, car_repair, car_wash, casino, cemetery, church, city_hall, clothing_store, convenience_store, courthouse, dentist, department_store, doctor, electrician, electronics_store, embassy, establishment, finance, fire_station, florist, food, funeral_home, furniture_store, gas_station, general_contractor, grocery_or_supermarket, gym, hair_care, hardware_store, health, hindu_temple, home_goods_store, hospital, insurance_agency, jewelry_store, laundry, lawyer, library, liquor_store, local_government_office, locksmith, lodging, meal_delivery, meal_takeaway, mosque, movie_rental, movie_theater, moving_company, museum, night_club, painter, park, parking, pet_store, pharmacy, physiotherapist, place_of_worship, plumber, police, post_office, real_estate_agency, restaurant, roofing_contractor, rv_park, school, shoe_store, shopping_mall, spa, stadium, storage, store, subway_station, synagogue, taxi_stand, train_station, transit_station, travel_agency, university, veterinary_care and zoo.


  • Get accurate driving route for wherever you want to go.
  • Finding Shortest Driving Route.
  • Finding Walking Route.
  • Gorgeous and user-friendly interface.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Draw Route between two different locations
  • Current location
  • Live current Address
  • Walking Route.
  • Live traffic update
  • Showing distance in kilometer and time
  • Four type of maps i-e Terrain, Normal, Hybrid and satellite.
  • Best for navigation and exploring map of the world.

Note: This app is free and supported by Ad.

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