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Card Monsters Test Version

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Card Monsters Test Version


Beta Update from 13 Apr 2018
Version 1.37.0
By Google Play

What’s New

Grand Launch of Elite Card
This is the first time that Card Monsters adds a new quality category, “Elite Card”, to the original basis of four quality categories since launching online. The Elite Card has two different attributes and skills which could be selected according to the battle situation.
Come and collect elite cards to build a more powerful card deck!

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App Description

Brief Introduction

Card Monsters is a simple and fast-paced mobile card strategy game. Equipping monster cards will make you unprecedentedly powerful!

Game Features

  1. Fast-paced for 1 round Players will finish one battle within 3 mins. One Stop, One Battle!
  2. Fast card collection(10 card packs daily!) cards. Battle rewards and quests to gain sufficient
  3. Fast learning by simple rules. Simple battle rules and fast learning. Use your brain to win the battle.
  4. Equipping cards makes you more powerful! First TCG Mobile Game that monster cards could be equipped and upgrade.

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Community Status: Open

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