Life Simulator 2 - New Life beta - Start from the lowest end of the society and work your way up

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Life Simulator 2 - New Life beta

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Life Simulator 2 - New Life beta

Beta Update from 17 Sep 2017
By Google Play

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New career!

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App Description

** Now game is alpha! If you find bugs, inform me by e-mail. Soon will add a lot of new content

Life. Simulated

Start from the lowest end of the society and work your way up. You have the hunger, mood and energy to do things, but you start with nothing else. You are free to do whatever you want. Experience life. On your device. Develop your character, achieve objectives, buy and sell items, enhance your skills, and just live life. Find a job or start your company, it's all in your hands. Here, you decide how you live your life. Nobody except you is in control. Succeed, and you'll realise the purpose of life at the end.

So, what are you waiting for? Download the life simulator app now!

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