Cooking & Recipes - Craftlog beta - Craftlog Cooking is a dedicated place for people sharing recipes and cooking ideas

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Cooking & Recipes - Craftlog beta

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Cooking & Recipes - Craftlog beta

Beta Update from 02 Jul 2018
Version 4.0.3 and up
By Google Play

What’s New

Improved native camera and recording mode.

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App Description

Craftlog Cooking is a dedicated place for people sharing recipes and cooking ideas.

The app enables anybody to easily create a video of all recipes they cook.

Join to start sharing your recipes with a vibrant community that loves cooking.

Features: - Easily post your recipes with photos. - Much faster than camera photo app, upload recipes directly from the app. - Collaborate with fellow cooks to edit same projects. - Collaborate with friends on favorited recipes. - Get recipe inspiration from other featured people in the homepage. - Support for translating your recipes to multiple languages.

The Craftlog Cooking app is a dedicated space for you to find and share any recipes you might encounter. You can easily save your own family recipes or favorite and store any recipes from the internet.

Find the best among healthy recipes, vegan recipes, gluten-Free recipes, organic recipes, soup recipes, diet recipes, paleo recipes, etc.

Save your recipes. Designed and developed by Craft Inc , Craftlog Cooking is the perfect tool for any cook to save their recipes.

If you have any doubt or suggestions, please email us at [email protected]

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Community Status: Open

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