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Tetragram - hack the world (Beta)

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Tetragram - hack the world (Beta)

Beta Update from 05 May 2017
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App Description

Like to try the cutting edge AR technology? No need to buy expensive device, just install Tetragram you can play AR with no cost.

What is Tetragram?

  • It's like a magical camera, through the camera you will see a digital picture posted on a real object such as a wall or table.
  • Not just see, everyone can post their own pictures to real walls, as long as there is a QR code printed on the wall.
  • The picture exists permanently, you can tell friends to see it anytime on the place with Tetragram app.

How it works?

  • Find a QR code on a wall and scan it with Tetragram app.
  • Select a picture and post it with the place information.
  • Send it to your friend, tell them to see how you hack the real world!
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Community Status: Open

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