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    Date: 05 Feb 2018
    Author: Jurij S
    100% Upvoted

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    The device used for test:

    One plus one 64gb (android 6.0.1)



    • Good designed app icon, label gives some hint about main features in-app (action launcher)
    • No freezes caught during test, launcher works smoothly
    • Intuitive setting up main and addictive home screens by tap on "star" button


    • App icons style customization can't be changed in free version of app
    • Left bar menu brings same functionality as down bar menu (list of apps installed)
    • Right bar field is empty (doesn't have any information


    • Give the ability to preview paid features to decide if they worth donation
    • Reorganize your left/right/down bar menus (make them more customized)
    • Pay more attention to tutorial (it should be standardized as in other apps when first lunch of app)