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Action Launcher

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Beta Update from 20 Apr 2018
Version 34.2

What’s New

New in Action Launcher v35.0-beta11:
* Optimize the opening and scrolling of the All Apps drawer.

The v35.0 update includes many optimizations, a new look All Apps search box & Android P style dock background & more.
We're monitoring the crash logs, but please send any beta issues to [email protected] Thanks!

App Description

FAQ on Action Launcher 3. Please read this before posting to avoid duplicate questions.

RE features not in 3 that were in 2, and will they be added back

RE why 3 is a paid upgrade (and a reminder that the version of 2 you purchased is still available to you): and

I found a bug I am making tickets for all bug reports I receive, and I'll look at them as soon as I can. Being as specific as possible always helps with bug reports.

Also, a reminder about the in-app FAQ (Settings -> Frequently Asked Questions). Please check that as your first port of call. Hopefully doing so will save us both some time.

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