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    What's New

    Introducing Faction Assault, an all-new game mode in The Walking Dead: Road to Survival. With the help of faction teammates, players can engage in epic battles with some of The Walking Dead's most notorious villains. Taking down these difficult enemies will grant powerful rewards to players, making their combat teams even stronger.

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    15 Nov 2017

    Hi Survivors!

    A new version of the game is available in Android Beta. Please download


    09 Nov 2017 26225 Community Members

    For those who just joined us:

    Go to the Google Play App store and download the latest build (currently it's 9.0.1). Once you have the latest build, launch the game and go to Menu > Options > Regions > Scroll down until you see the Beta regions > Join!

    Edit: Please make sure that the email account you used to sign up for the ANDROID Beta Community is the same as your Google Play store account.

    - Brian

    03 Nov 2017 26436 Community Members


    A new build will be available in Public Beta soon =)

    Patch Notes 9.0
    New Feature: Faction Assault

    Faction Assault is a cooperative faction event that places your faction into a gauntlet of lieutenant fights leading to a Boss. These formidable bosses can wreak havoc on your best teams! Faction leaders select the Faction Assault difficulty tier for their faction to participate in. Defeat the final phase of the Boss to earn spectacular rewards that can include Faction Assault exclusive characters!

    Bug Fixes
    Fixed a purchase error where some iOS players experienced “Restored for Free” notification
    Fixed a resolution issue on Pixel 2
    Fixed an issue where war log change would show <0> and <1>
    Fixed an issue where War log showed *** for some messages
    Fixed an issue where "Autofill" would not always prioritize fighters with leader skills for the leader slot
    Fixed an issue where tapping the museum icon would not open the museum
    Fixed an issue where some fighters assigned to a survival road team did not have a clear label in level up roster menu
    Fixed an issue where the specialist skill outlast could be missing when editing teams on the traits wheel
    Fixed an issue where versus button timer was not being displayed for territories or PVP tournaments
    Fixed an issue where territory bonuses that have 20% increased survivors were not working
    Fixed an issue where the reset icon for Survival Road would not appear on the main hud
    Fixed an issue where total experience was not showing on the victory screen

    Combat Fixes
    Fixed an issue where using Command after reviving a teammate that died on that same turn could cause the revived teammate to get an action
    Fixed an issue where Guardian shield could prevent negative status effects gained without taking damage
    Fixed an issue where reviving a teammate using the weapon effect Parting Shot would not give the revived teammate the 100% defense buff
    Fixed an issue where the AR Command would not be used by a player’s team during auto-combat

    02 Nov 2017 23217 Community Members

    What's New

    Introducing Kirkman Presents: A New Threat. An all-new, 6-week event from the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman. The first installment of a new, ongoing series that brings exciting new in-game content for players, including Robert Kirkman exclusives, never-before-seen Walking Dead stories, limited time in-game events, tournaments and exciting rewards.

    20 Oct 2017


    8.0.0 should be available for download soon. Please find the Build Notes Below.

    Build Notes Version 8.0.0

    Developer Notes
    The issues listed below are a number of the bigger and/or more apparent problems that have been brought to our attention. While this is by no means the extent of major outstanding issues manifesting themselves in the game, we are working to be more aggressive with addressing issues in the current features, and consider this a small first step. Don’t worry, many more bug fixes are coming down the pipe soon!

    - Updated splash screen
    - Armory buffs from Territories are now displayed on the Town UI when active
    - Fixed an issue where the Lightning Reflexes Specialist Skill was being triggered
    by Adrenaline Rushes that don’t do damage
    - Various other bug and crash fixes

    Territories Fixes
    - Fixed an issue where rarely a team assigned to a territory is not counted as defending the territory and later does not move out of reserves
    - Fixed an issue where the post-attack window in territories could display incorrect stamina levels for the defending team
    - Fixed a rare issue where players do not get locked out of participating in a contested territory when they should

    War Fixes
    - Fixed an issue where players in war reserves received a notification that they were promoted to the war party when they weren’t
    - Fixed an issue where some players’ names appeared as ** in the war log and chat if that player was on both sides of a cross region war

    12 Oct 2017 23326 Community Members


    A New Build will be available in Public Beta this evening. Please find the patch notes below.

    Build Notes Version 7.2.1

    - Fixed an issue where combat could briefly pause at the end of a turn when performing a headshot on the last walker.
    - Fixed an issue where players on 7.1 builds could crash when fighting players on 7.2 in Faction Territories.

    25 Sep 2017 23400 Community Members

    Patch Notes 7.2

    Updated - 9.21.17

    We've sent out War Refills to assist with testing the War. Please check your rewards tab =)

    - A faction who retreats in war is now always considered the losing faction.

    Cross Region / War Fixes
    - Fixed an issue where factions could not be matched if the same player was in both factions
    - Fixed an issue where a bad connection could make it seem as if coins were being spent multiple times when repairing a camp
    - Fixed an issue where a tower could be abandoned incorrectly if the same player was on both teams
    - Fixed an issue where past region war results appear as regular faction wars in leaderboards
    - Fixed an issue where leaving a faction immediately after a war could cause the war end popup to not appear
    - Fixed several visual issues caused by searching for opponents at the same time as the war party was being updated by another player
    - Fixed several visual issues caused by one player being in both factions in a cross region war
    - Fixed an issue where members of a faction could get stuck in different war parties when queuing for war
    - Fixed an issue where team leader icons were not being displayed correctly when defending a tower
    - Fixed an issue where the region’s total faction points were displayed as individual points on the Wars tab

    Other Fixes
    - Fixed an issue where Negan “Limited Edition”’s AR would sometimes add AP to a character that was already fully charged
    - Fixed an issue where Shane “Road to Survival ####1”’s active skill would sometimes taunt from characters that were not Taunted
    - Fixed an issue where universal active trainers could not be used if the fighter was at max level
    - Fixed an issue where a Territory could transition from contested state into empty state when the last two factions simultaneously killed each other
    - Fixed an issue where in some cases a player could recover enemy teams assigned to a Territory
    - Fixed an issue where the player who sent a territory into contested state could not assign a defense team after their battle
    - Fixed an issue where players would be incorrectly prompted to recover their teams during the contested state in territories
    - Fixed an issue where total injury points does not update after successfully reoccupying a contested territory
    - Fixed an issue where the game would reload if a player used coins to skip the “Taken Hostage” scavenger mission
    - Fixed an issue where Focus effects on characters were not properly replaced by longer duration Focus effects
    - Fixed an issue where status effects were not blocked by the Guardian specialist skill
    - Fixed an issue where it was not possible to use an Adrenaline Rush on an enemy under the effects of the Outlast specialist skill
    - Fixed an issue where teams in Survival Road did not properly get the benefits of HP increase weapons and leader skills
    - Fixed an issue where ranged characters attacking a teammate while confused did not move to face their target
    - Adjusted sensitivity on swipe for active skills and defend to make it less likely that these actions will be triggered unintentionally
    - Fixed an issue where players would be directed to the shop when attempting to purchase from a token stash without enough tokens
    - Fixed an issue where tapping on Shiva in the “Tiger Tamer” collection would cause a crash

    21 Sep 2017 23430 Community Members


    In preparation for the next round of Beta Testing, we will be removing all users from the Public Beta Regions and locking those regions to the latest Beta build at 10am PST on 9.20.17. You will not lose any progress on these regions but you may see the Beta Regions disappear from your Region List until you have downloaded the latest Beta update. Additionally, we will be pushing a new build, 7.2, into Public Beta tomorrow morning in preparation for Cross Region War testing. More on that tomorrow =)

    20 Sep 2017 23438 Community Members


    Below please find the patch notes for the 7.1.2 build. This build should be available for download soon.

    Patch Notes - 7.1.2 - 51522

    - Fixed an issue where the end of war event results screen could cause a crash if the user switched regions before the results were displayed

    12 Sep 2017 23480 Community Members