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    Date: 05 Jul 2018
    Author: Eray R
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    The latest version of Player FM - was released last week, with a plethora of changes, bug fixes and new features in tow.

    Here's the official changelog:

    • Categories, Playlists (Premium only), Recently played in Android Auto
    • Faster details loading & categories/playlists switching
    • Create custom categories via the 3-dot button in Shows
    • Colored playback notifications for Oreo & newer OS
    • Download while roaming
    • Delete currently played episode
    • Updated tablet interface
    • Sync playback position of the current episode (Premium only)
    • Bookmarks creation & triple-click action added to headset controls (Premium only)
    • Bug fixes + more

    Here are some of the free customisation options available:

    • Selectable themes (I love the Midnight one)
    • Auto downloading options - Always, Only when charging, Only on wi-fi, Only on wi-fi and charging
    • Automatic playback when headphones are connected - with both wired and wireless
    • and much more with their Premium subscription.

    The Premium subscription includes: