Sidekix: Walking Navigation beta - Loved by locals and tourists alike, Sidekix smart walking navigation has been recommended by the New York Times and Mashable as a top app

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Sidekix: Walking Navigation beta

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Sidekix: Walking Navigation beta


Beta Update from 16 Nov 2017
By Google Play

What's New

Enhanced zoom functionality to see what’s around you

It’s finally here! Ability to rate, review and add images to places.

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App Description

Loved by locals and tourists alike, Sidekix smart walking navigation has been recommended by the New York Times and Mashable as a top app. Get ready to experience a whole new perspective of your city and discover urban gems you never knew existed.

The best way to explore your city on foot, Sidekix helps you find interesting places and events within walking distance, then offers interesting routes and detours especially built around your passions (whether you’re into food, shopping, art, nightlife, and more).

No matter if you’re planning a full day of activities or just looking for stuff to do, Sidekix is the best way to discover what’s around you. An exploration tool, travel planner, and tour guide all in one, Sidekix helps you find hidden gems nearby, and locate the best local spots whenever you visit a new city. With the app you can either find a single spot near you, or automatically combine multiple locations into a full exploration of the city. Sidekix will even provide directions to guide you, also available on the Apple Watch.

SideKix offers you:

  • Recommended places and events within walking distance
  • Interest based routing: Experience new routes and find new detours every time
  • Plan your trip:­ Explore a different part of town or any of our featured cities from afar
  • Follow the feet: Know which way you are facing and where to go
  • You­zoom: Map automatically revolves around you and zoomed to pedestrian level
  • Spot on: Large, easy to follow icons show cool stuff to do
  • Heads up: Buzzing vibrations help you navigate with the phone in your pocket
  • Buddy up: Invite trusted friends to "virtually" walk with you—it’s private and secure
  • Meet me: invite friends to meet somewhere with a single click
  • Live share: share your location with trusted friends and family in real time
  • Turn by turn instructions on your Apple Watch

Sidekix is available in multiple cities, with new cities added every week!

Experiencing issues? Got feedback? Have an idea? We would love to hear about it! Email us at [email protected] and we'll get back to you in no time.

Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.

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