Device Control - Device Control is an app to control several features of your device as well as some nice extra features like a Tasker, App Manager, Editors, Entropy Generator, Wireless Filemanager and more

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    What’s New

    • Bug fixes
    • Third party library updates

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    07 Jun 2018 Google Play Release Update

    I have just created a translation project for Device Control at Crowdin.
    Before it was coupled to the custom rom i am developing, now it is standalone.

    That said, if you want to help translating Device Control, please have a look at

    Every translator will also get mentioned inside the app :)

    Thank you really much!


    Regarding the work flow.

    1) A translation gets submitted (by you or others)
    2) People look at the submitted translations and vote for them.
    3) If a submitted translation has enough votes (at least 3 votes), it will get submitted and will be found in Device Control.

    10 Aug 2017 Google+ Community Update 22989 Community Members

    What's New

    Started rewriting the whole app in Kotlin.

    It gets rewritten part by part and while doing that, I will also add new features and fix bugs.

    My highest priority is getting in support for multi block and encrypted devices, as well as handling the big.LITTLE clusters.

    Also the layout needs some works, some places are already material "cardified" while others still use old layouts.

    Lots of work to be done for a single man in his free time :)

    24 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    • Bug fixes

    • Third party library updates

    22 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update