Picup - Match your Photos BETA - The photo matching revolution begins here!

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Picup - Match your Photos BETA

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Picup - Match your Photos BETA

Beta Update from 22 Mar 2017
By Google Play

What's New

  • Added chat for better interaction between users

  • UX changes

  • Stability improvements

  • Bug fixes

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App Description

The photo matching revolution begins here! Picup lets you match photos with other users' photos, without knowing each other.

HOW TO MATCH: The matching technique is simple: Take a half photo, then upload it in the app. When another user adds a photo, you receive a notification to decide if it's match or not. If approved, the complete photo arising from the match is now in your gallery.

RATINGS: All photos completed after matching can also be rated by other users in the app, without them knowing who placed the two matching halves.

SHARE: All photos to which you contributed adding a match are yours, as well as your partner's, and you can share them on Facebook.

CUSTOMISE: Before adding the half photo to be matched, you can customise it using filters and text - more will be added in future update.

POINTS: Based on your engagement in the app, you will be awarded points for each action you take. Match more and more photos and, in future updates, these points will help you purchase additional customizable items.

NO E-MAIL OR OTHER REAL CREDENTIALS NEEDED: Although you may give your e-mail address once registering, in order to aid us in further developing the app for your better use, you can sign in by using a chosen username and password. This helps keeping you anonymous, all the way.

PRIVACY: your matching or completed photos are only saved in your phone and your matching partner's phone. No screen captures.

For any feedback, shake the screen, or e-mail us at [email protected]

TestingCatalog Rating: 5
Community Status: Open

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