Gadder - Best friends Live beta - Best friends’ live positions on a map

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Gadder - Best friends Live beta

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Gadder - Best friends Live beta

App Description

Gadder + You =

Best friends’ live positions on a map

Feel like hanging out? See your best friends’ live activities

Emoji is the new language, we speak it too!

Can get in touch with your friends ? Check their realtime Battery level

Waiting for your friend to come pick you up? See them move in realtime

Need some new beats to listen to? See live what music they are listening to!

Visiting your friends? Check the live weather in their location before you get there!

One tap privacy controls. We made it suuper easy, so you control everything, from GPS to music sharing!

Free. As if all that stuff wasn’t good enough :)

Gadder is about the moment! Sometimes you just need the real-time information. Some apps just show you stuff that already happened!

You can see everyone live on the map with low battery consumption GPS.

It’s very easy to stop sharing your GPS location when you want to go incognito.

Always know when your friends are hanging out nearby and who is available! No more texts like "where are you? Are you free?". We use refined machine learning algorithms to understand our users and let them spend their time with what really matters: people they love!

Gadder is the best app to keep up with your friends and never miss out on real-time fun.

  • The best battery-friendly location tracking algorithm to save you battery time even when using GPS. Other apps will drain it!

Plan your next friends gathering with Gadder to learn everyone’s position.

Handy and easy-to-use, Gadder leverages the latest technology to help you stay connected in real-time to your best friends

Can also be used to locate lost or stolen phones, via GPS, just like Find my phone. Make sure to add a friend first, to be able to find it the day it’s gone.

If you have any ideas on how we can help people get together we will love to hear them: [email protected] or whatsapp : +5511963076482


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