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The only thing better than using Minima, is using it with the latests features! Here you can reports bugs, comments or share a suggestion :)

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Minima Beta

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    What's New

    ✔️ New explorer (folders, artists, albums and more)

    ✔️ Introduce beta create custom playlist system

    ✔️ Crash fixs

    ✔️ Change for the UI

    ✔️ Improve RAM memory usage

    ✔️ Pause music when another content is played

    ✔️ Many bugs fixed

    ✔️ New navigation menu

    ✔️ Start faster

    ✔️ Better notification system

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    22 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update

    New icon has been made.. and an update will be available for the beginning of 2017 :D

    Have a nice day/or a good night :)

    01 Feb 2017 Google+ Community Update 545 Community Members