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Maguss beta Last 10 Updates

    Version 1.021

    What’s New

    Removed spawn restriction of ingredients at higher speeds. Warning popup stays though.
    PLEASE don't drive and play Maguss!

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    17 Mar 2019 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.018

    What’s New

    tutorial monsters fight fixed

    13 Dec 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.017

    What’s New

    unresponsive inventory fixed

    08 Sep 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.016

    What’s New

    - skip button reworked
    - spawning system reworked
    - other fixes and improvements

    29 Aug 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.010

    What’s New

    - Added completely revamped Daily Challenges
    - Added Orbs with gear
    - Added push notifications
    - PvP Matchmaking criteria adjusted - now you can match with any tier but only within the same league. You also earn some CP for a loss.
    - Monsters’ encounter ratio adjusted - now you encounter monsters of your tier more frequently
    - Fixed bug with app freezing in first battle, first turn when drawing a glyph

    04 Aug 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.09

    What’s New

    - Fixed getting stuck in battle randomly
    - Now you should always see whole map - no unrendered parts
    - More optimization

    29 Jun 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.05

    What’s New

    - Equipment upgrading - you can now upgrade your equipment to reach its max potential!
    - Fixed bug with battle cycle ending prematurely
    - Fixed Magic Dust shop - you can now purchase Magic Dust without any problems
    - Optimization
    - Improved tutorial
    - Increased glyph drawing tolerance and remapped second and fourth glyph - now glyph drawing should work better
    - You should see regular Maguss icon after install - not Unity icon anymore
    - Many other smaller adjustements and fixes

    22 Jun 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.11

    What’s New

    - Added alternate spell casting method - you can now cast spells with a simple tap
    - Added class changing, appearance changing and attributes resetting Tomes
    - HP Regen increased
    - Monsters XP adjusted
    - Loot logic changed: Monsters now only drop Poor and Good, Champions only Excellent, Mint and Legendary quality (a preparation for the upcoming equipment upgrading system)
    - Chests content improved
    - Heal slightly increased
    - Entangle spell fixed

    26 May 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.03

    What’s New

    - UI fixes
    - Brewing buttons feedback fixed
    - map layers fixed

    14 May 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version 1.02

    What’s New

    Improvements and fix list:

    - Overall optimization
    - New map
    - Champion monsters
    - PvP fixed and adjusted - removed decline option, improved matchmaking (only available with same tier now), fixed random win/loss issue (we hope…)
    - New PvP season - Mystical Mexico City (new illusions)
    - Buffs can’t miss
    - Many, many spell adjustements and balance changes
    - Monster AI improved + fixed
    - Spells XP rewards fixed
    - Many UI improvements + fixes
    - Walking earns Exploration XP
    - 2nd & 4th glyph replaced

    10 May 2018 Google Play Release Update