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    I am starting work on TagMusic. TagMusic 1.0 will be released very soon.

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    08 Aug 2017 Google+ Community Update 181 Community Members

    What's New

    • Added artist tag in album

    • Bug fixes and improvements

    22 May 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    • Bug fixes and improvements

    30 Apr 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    - Possible fix for crash on startup on 7.0+ devices

    - Fixed song update after tagging in album

    - Updated Turkish translations

    - Bug fixes

    Translate the app in your language.

    Link: http://bit.ly/tagmusictranslate

    28 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    - NEW Onboard users with beautiful material intro

    - NEW Filter by untagged songs

    - NEW Autocomplete for song title, artist, album artist and composer (Pro)

    - NEW Comment field added to batch tag

    - Album artist in album

    - In folders, tap on back button to exit or go up (option is in settings)

    - Updated FAQ

    - Add leading zero to single digit track in batch rename

    - Bug fixes and improvements

    25 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update

    What's New

    - Added Turkish and Spanish(United States) translations. Thanks to contributors.

    - Bug fixes and improvements

    Help to translate the app in your language: https://denim- basumatary.oneskyapp.com/collaboration/project?id=174135

    22 Mar 2017 Google Play Release Update

    TagMusic has two variants.

    TagMusic Lite It is a lighter version of the app. Apk size < 2MB always.


    1. Edit song and album tags.
    2. Delete songs. (support for KitKat)
    3. Delete album (without deleting songs)
    4. Remove album art

    Download it here. Free forever!

    It is a heavier version and will have many features.

    1. Download album art from online services. √
    2. AutoTag. (This one will take time)
    3. Create and delete playlist. √
    4. Add songs to playlist. √
    5. Rename or remove songs from playlist. √
    6. Rename or remove songs from genres.√
    7. Delete genres √
    8. Delete songs √
    9. Lyrics Editor.√
    10. Batch album art download
    11. Fix tags √ ->
    12. Rename file √

    1. Batch tag songs √
    2. Batch rename files √
    3. More themes √
    4. Merge albums √
    5. Play songs √

    And many more...

    Will include in-app purchases

    01 Feb 2017 Google+ Community Update 147 Community Members