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    We know most of you are very excited and anxious about a new Nova Launcher update and I want to tell you that we are working on many things that will be included in the next update.

    While I can't give specifics as to what's being added or changed or anything similar, I can tell you that there are several big things coming that's taking us a while to get them exactly how we want them for the first beta release.

    As you all know, we don't like to rush updates just to get them out the door, even if it's a beta release.

    With that being said, there will definitely be a beta release with the next upcoming release mainly because we have several things we're going to want and need plenty of user feedback from beta testers before releasing to public. Plus we want to make sure everything is working as intended before that public release is made.

    I know we've been talking about a folder overhaul for quite some time and it seems like we just keep's coming in a future update. I can tell you, it's a lot closer to being done and ready than ever before so stay tuned for that.

    There will also be some Android P related stuff added/changed, but again, I can't go into details.

    With all of that said, we just ask that everyone be patient and give us a bit more time to polish things off but I can assure you a release is coming.

    We ask that all of the negative comments and posts are kept out of this community as this isn't the place for them and they won't be tolerated, at all. We understand the frustration from y'all with the length of time it's been since the last update, but again, we're working hard to bring everyone some great stuff.

    Please also don't report issues or bugs here in this community at this time if you're running Android P, as it's still very much in beta and we appreciate all reports not being posted here as that can and will confuse many other users.

    You can and should use Nova Settings -> Contact Support to email us directly with any of those reports if you feel you need to report those bugs. We do have Android P installed on several devices and are testing Nova against Android P in as many ways as possible to make sure Nova is optimized for that version of Android.

    As is also the case, we highly encourage you all to use the Nova Settings -> Contact Support to send us bug reports of any kind, feature requests or just any general questions. We ask that you make sure the SupportDetails.txt file remains attached as that will provide us with a ton of information that will help us help you quicker and better.

    You can also check our FAQ's at any time as that can often answer some of the most frequently asked questions as this can and will often save you time of having to wait for someone to reply here to your post in the community or to reply to your email(s).

    You can always access the FAQ's via Nova Settings -> FAQ's or by visiting

    Thank you for all of support over the past 6 1/2 years and for all of the support we hope you continue to give us going forward.

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    17 Jul 2018 Google+ Community Update 146156 Community Members

    Did You Know?

    The best way to reach us here at Nova is to use the Nova Settings -> Contact Support feature.

    This will provide us with a lot of useful information that will help us help you get your issue fixed.

    You are encouraged to contact us about bugs, feature requests or just general questions with regards to the app itself.

    09 Jul 2018 Google+ Community Update 146642 Community Members

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    5.5.4 May 12

    Fix blank app drawer on Android P DP2 Preview
    Minor fixes and optimizations

    14 May 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    5.5.4 Beta May 12

    Fix blank app drawer on Android P DP2 Preview
    Minor fixes and optimizations

    13 May 2018 Google Play Release Update

    5.5.4 (Beta) May 12, 2018

    -Fix blank app drawer on Android P DP2 Preview
    -Minor fixes and optimizations

    (May take a few hours to appear on your Google Play)
    Opt-in to betas at
    Or download the APK

    Just a quick bugfix release for now. Rolling out to beta first and hoping to promote to release shortly.

    Please note that Android P is still a developer preview. For critical issues that are easy to work around (like this one) I'll try to get the fix out to people quickly, but more minor issues on preview OSes will often need to wait.

    13 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 144233 Community Members


    DO NOT REPORT BUGS AT THIS TIME You are using very early beta software that we have had no time to test against due to being at Google IO currently.

    You are free to use Nova Settings -> Contact support to file bugs, please note that you are using beta Android software so a response won't always happen for these things.

    There have been many posts within this community or emails sent to support asking about why there hasn't been any updates to Nova since January.

    I can assure you, Nova isn't dead. We are working on many things at the moment and those things are taking a considerable amount of time as we want them to work the best they possibly can when we release them. Plus we want them to be worth the wait.

    Not to mention we all have lives and various things to do such as Android conferences, Google I/O 2018 and other things. But we are doing everything we can to get things in order for the next release to show all of you the things we've been working on for so long.

    Google I/O is happening today, which means we'll possibly be seeing a lot of new Android features mentioned and talked about or even shown off.

    We expect there will be quite a few launcher things shown off as well, but please note that we are in attendance at Google I/O and are making full notes of what we hear and see with regards to launchers and what possible things we could bring to Nova for all of you.

    We ask at this time that you do NOT fill up this community asking for Android P features or anything that was shown or discussed at Google I/O.

    Android P is NOT in a final release yet and won't be for a while to come. That means features that we see or hear about today could be removed as soon as tomorrow. Once Android P gets closer to release we will then see what all we're going to add or include within Nova.

    There may be things we add prior to that, depending on what they are, how easy they are to include and if we feel they are important enough.

    But please, don't request any of this stuff until a later date. If you post said requests, your post will be removed from this community immediately.

    If you have any questions, comments, concerns or anything else, you are more than welcome to contact me directly using Nova Settings -> Contact Support.

    09 May 2018 Google+ Community Update 143633 Community Members

    Version Varies with device

    What’s New

    Bug fixes and optimizations

    12 Apr 2018 Google Play Release Update

    Android P Developer Preview 1

    We realize that Android P Developer Preview 1 has just been released to the masses and we ourselves are currently testing Nova against it in many numerous ways.

    We ask that you do NOT submit bug reports to this community about Android P DP1 nor post asking about feature request of things that are new in DP1 to be added to Nova.

    DP1 is very early stages of Android P and there's a lot of things that will be changing over the coming months.

    We are working on things that we want to bring into Nova from Android P and as per usual, we don't announce what's coming or what's not coming until we are ready to do so.

    If you post anything about Android P Developer Preview 1 within this community, please expect your post to be removed(deleted) as soon as we see it.

    If you absolutely feel the need to let us know something about Nova and Android P DP1, then you need to use the Nova Settings -> Contact Support button and email us directly.

    We appreciate everyone's understanding on this and we hope to bring some great new things to Nova Launcher as soon as we possibly can, but please just give us time to look into things ourselves.

    08 Mar 2018 Google+ Community Update 136087 Community Members

    Once again, users are posting requesting Nova to update the Google feed, or offering "solutions" to get a newer style Google feed using pixel or other launchers and returning to Nova launcher.

    We are under strict instructions from the community owners NOT to allow any further posts about updating or offering solutions to update the Google feed.

    Unfortunately some users still do not understand that the Google feed belongs to Google and Nova physically cannot update a feed UI belonging to another company.

    No one posts here asking us to update Facebook, Facebook messenger or WhatsApp, so no one should be posting here asking us to update the Google feed.

    Therefore I am sorry to have to announce anyone ignoring our instructions on this rule will not only have their post immediately removed, but they will be banned from using the community for a period of 24 hours.

    We are not being mean or heavy handed, but enough is enough.

    Please contact Google to get the newer Google feed, please don't keep asking us or posting here with "solutions" or "workarounds" involving "other" launchers.

    For further information, please read the pinned post.

    Thank you

    25 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 135005 Community Members

    The Google Feed

    Once again, posts have been made to the community asking us to update the nova companion to show the newer style Google feed.

    I'm not sure what users do not understand about the Google feed.

    We've given plenty of information and made many posts and comments about this subject, but once again, I will remind you all that:-

    The Google feed belongs to Google

    The Google feed is operated and updated by Google

    The nova companion only allows you to access the Google feed from nova launcher

    The nova companion CANNOT change, alter, add to or update the Google feed

    Can I PLEASE ask anyone wanting to update their Google feed to contact Google with your request

    Nova cannot do anything to change or update the Google feed and will not ever be able to update or change the feed, as the feed belongs to google

    Any further posts received about this subject will be removed immediately.


    Two screenshots from two of my current devices, both running Nova prime 5.5.3 and the latest Google app.
    Both devices show the Pixel style Google feed in Nova.


    I do not have the Pixel launcher or any other pixel based launcher installed on any device.

    STK Sync e (Android 6.0)
    Samsung A5 2016 (Android 8.0)

    I also have

    Sony Xperia L1 (Android 7.1.1)
    Nokia 6 (Android 7.1.1)

    Both these devices also show the Pixel style Google feed.

    The comments are currently disabled as there is nothing anyone needs to add to this post.

    The Google feed is a Google product and Nova launcher or the Google companion CANNOT and DO NOT control what you see in the feed.

    Now please let's let this drop and move on.

    Thank you.

    21 Feb 2018 Google+ Community Update 134517 Community Members