Pulse SMS+Tablet Messenger beta - Fully featured text messaging with tons of customization!

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#messenger #sms #pulse #tablet #androidtablet

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Pulse SMS+Tablet Messenger beta

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Pulse SMS+Tablet Messenger beta

#messenger #sms #pulse #tablet #androidtablet

Beta Update from 15 Jun 2018

What’s New

This is a BETA release: https://goo.gl/FR3S1p

In this release:
- UI improvements
- Display previews of drafts on the conversation list
- Provide media type previews as the snippet on the conversation list, instead of an empty box
+ Bug fixes, performance improvements, and tweaks

App Description

This community is for providing beta feedback, testing new features, discussing the app, and providing feature requests.

To get access to the beta for this app, follow these steps:

  1. Hit the "Beta Opt-In" link in this community
  2. Open the app on the Play Store, also through the link on this community.

Note: It may take a few minutes to be able to access the Play Store page, after opting-in to the beta testing. Please be patient.

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Community Status: Open
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