Contender - Football Squares beta - Contender is an app that allows you to play the classic game of Football Squares / Superbowl Squares with your friends and family

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Contender - Football Squares beta

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Contender - Football Squares beta

#football #sports #contender #americanfootball #sport

Beta Update from 28 Mar 2018
Version 2.1.11
By Google Play

What's New

What's new?

• We are getting the app ready for some BIG changes! Stay tuned, great things are coming in time for the new season!

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App Description

Contender is an app that allows you to play the classic game of Football Squares / Superbowl Squares with your friends and family. Easily create a game and invite everyone to join. You can see the squares chosen by players in real time and you can manually enter those who don't have the app. Once a board is filled, you can print out the game board to take along with you or just follow along in real time on the app itself. The game score is constantly updated as well as who wins each quarter.

No longer do you need to hand around a piece of paper for friends and family to fill in their names and then have the impossible task of getting a hard copy to every last player before game time. Due to the enormous task of just getting the board filled out and sent to every person, this game was usually meant only for the Superbowl itself... but with the ease of Contender, you can play every week! Every game! Any time YOU choose.

Play on! And be a Sports Contender!

How to Play Football Squares

  • Have each player choose their squares on the board. Once all squares have been filled up, the game board will be closed
  • Once the board is closed, the app will automatically assign random numbers to each column and row, from 0 to 9
  • Once the football game starts, the score will be automatically updated as the game progresses
  • The last digit in each teams score is used to determine the row and column number
  • The player whose row and column numbers match the score at the end of each quarter wins that quarter's prize
  • The player whose score matches the final score wins the final prize
  • Play again!
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