My ToDo List beta - The status of tasks are maintained as Pending, Incomplete and Complete

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My ToDo List beta

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My ToDo List beta

Beta Update from 06 May 2017
By Google Play

What's New

The free version now allows to both Edit and Delete task. Also, the Status of a task may be Reset to pending.

However, In-app Purchase is required to unlock Automatic Reseting of Status to Pending for Daily, Weekly and Monthly tasks at Mid-night, First Day of the Week and First Day of the Month respectively

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App Description

The status of tasks are maintained as Pending, Incomplete and Complete. To change the status just swipe the tasks to change background color and also status tag.

Sort and Filter Tasks based on type i.e. One Time, Daily, Weekly and Monthly and also status i.e. Pending, Complete and Incomplete.


No need to create new tasks or change status of recurring tasks like Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

The Daily tasks are automatically reset after mid-night. Again, if this be a MONDAY the weekly task are flagged as pending too and similarly, should this be the FIRST DAY OF THE MONTH the monthly tasks are automatically flagged as pending.

At mid-night the App generates a Notification for you to review your ToDo Task list as well.

Edit tasks (To modify or Add any Remarks) and Delete any time.

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