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Autobeat Player Last 10 Updates

    IMPORTANT: If you are experiencing issues with SoundCloud please update to the new version

    A new update to v.0.9.107 is available with many new, experimental features:

    NEW: Gesture-resizable floating player - use two fingers to resize the player
    NEW: Recommended channels in trending view
    NEW: Auto-switch to fullscreen player in landscape
    NEW: Shuffle menu item
    NEW: Recommended playlists in playlist view
    NEW: Theme manager view available in drawer
    IMPROVEMENT:Google Cast migration to v3
    IMPROVEMENT:Android O media style notification migration
    FIX:Crash when missing permission to access local music

    Do you want to beta test this app? Check it here

    13 Sep 2017 Google+ Community Update 1337 Community Members

    The update to version 0.9.105 is out:
    NEW: YouTube fullscreen mode! Swipe for previous / next
    NEW: Notification is displayed when connected to computer
    POTENTIAL FIX: Updated support libraries as one causes crashes on Android Kitkat (4.4.4)
    FIX: Phone disconnects from computer after 5-10 minutes (mostly in standby when not charging)
    FIX: Selected large entries have background color
    IMPROVEMENT: UI improvements for large entries
    IMPROVEMENT: Chromecast has theme color
    IMPROVEMENT: Faster device scan and scan indicator in dialog
    FIX: Minor null pointer fixes and stability improvements

    06 Aug 2017 Google+ Community Update 1131 Community Members

    You want to discover new music? Why not start exploring based on what you already know you like?

    Our discovery view shows artist picks based on your favorite tracks. Every day, personalized for you.

    Explore your music in a new way:
    By clicking on an artist you get immediate access to the artist’s music from SoundCloud and YouTube so that you can listen to tracks and watch music videos. If you like what you hear, just press the plus button and baam you have a new track in your library!
    No registration or subscription necessary.
    And the best part: you can always dig deeper! Since every artist view includes a list with similar artist picks that lead you to even more new tunes!

    BEAT ON!!!

    03 Aug 2017 Google+ Community Update 1118 Community Members

    ----- NEWS NEWS NEWS --

    You can now download Autobeat Player Desktop from our website without any registration!!!

    Today's update brings discovery features to your desktop:
    - browse through fresh and trending playlists
    - discover artists that are similar to the ones you already like
    - follow playlists that you like and listen to the tracks as they are added
    - find and enjoy even more music with new search features


    22 Jul 2017 Google+ Community Update 1053 Community Members

    1000 members!!! We are super happy to have such a cool and engaged community! Thank you all for your feedback and ideas!

    14 Jul 2017 Google+ Community Update 1006 Community Members

    A new update 0.9.104 is available to fix multiple issues that were introduced with the last update. I also bumped the Android support library version up as some errors were caused by Android code. Hopefully, that resolves most of the problems people experienced since last night and might also fix some older bugs. Thanks for all the reports and let me know if you are still having troubles.

    12 Jul 2017 Google+ Community Update 994 Community Members

    Autobeat Player just got featured on Product Hunt 2 hours ago! So go, go, go and upvote! We need your support

    23 May 2017 Google+ Community Update 549 Community Members

    ----- NEWS NEWS NEWS ~~--~~

    We got sick of complicated music transfers between computers and Android phones that require cables, additional software and a lot of time!!!!

    Autobeat Player for Desktop is here to change this:

    The desktop client includes wireless music transfer between your smartphone and your computer. Your tracks and playlists are automatically synced and accessible from all your devices.

    Wanna give it a try? Get a free download link here:

    The Desktop version is available for Mac and Windows

    07 May 2017 Google+ Community Update 400 Community Members

    You can now help to translate Autobeat Player into more languages. Here is our project page. If you have any questions please comment under this post:

    01 May 2017 Google+ Community Update 364 Community Members

    A new update to v.0.9.101 is available:
    FIX: Lagging + unresponsive UI during initial scan
    IMPROVEMENT: Performance optimized UI layouts for smoother scrolling and rendering
    IMPROVEMENT: Better memory handling and overall performance in all views
    IMPROVEMENT: Faster media and metadata scan
    FIX: "Go to album" in context menu
    FIX: Disappearing album art
    IMPROVEMENT: Settings screen with new settings + improved change handling
    Feature: Setting to hide the yellow "quick search button"

    30 Apr 2017 Google+ Community Update 355 Community Members