Moveless Chess beta - Play chess without moving your pieces!

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Moveless Chess beta

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Moveless Chess beta

Beta Update from 22 Mar 2017
By Google Play

What's New

You hear your wishes! Here a list of improvements:

  • Skip this Level feature!

  • Hints up to level 16!

  • Awful AI bug corrected!

  • Levels won counter!

We are working on leaderboards and new puzzles!

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App Description

“A+ for chess nerd cleverness.” ~ (Rock Paper Shotgun)


Play chess without moving your pieces! Moveless Chess is an innovative chess game developed by Beavl. It features an action point system and clever game design.


This is the beta version of Moveless Chess. It has 50 levels. Final release will have 64 levels, more config options and some surprises! After releasing the final version, we'll be updating the game with new levels every week or so!


Moveless Chess was originally made for last ludum dare. Theme for this edition was "shapeshifting" and Moveless Chess finished 3rd in innovation! (out of more than 1.1K entries from all around the world).


"By stripping the classic game of one of its building blocks, designer and developer Nico Saraintaris teaches a very old dog some great new tricks. Meanwhile, Aikalen’s pixel art and theme add a lovely fantasy flare reminiscent of PC classics like Battle Chess." ~ (Gamezebo)

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