fasTest (Unreleased) - Use fasTest app to test, analyze and get simple advice for going faster!

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#wifi #connection #internet #wifitest #wifichecker

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fasTest (Unreleased)

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fasTest (Unreleased)

#wifi #connection #internet #wifitest #wifichecker

Beta Update from 20 Aug 2018
Version 7.0.12603
By Google Play

What’s New

  • (for mobile devices) Monitored devices - now includes self (the device being used)
  • (for mobile devices) WiFi Networks - ability to filter (highlight or show only) a specific network
  • Bug fixes

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App Description

Slow WiFi is frustrating. Use fasTest app to test, analyze and get simple advice for going faster!

Get visibility into:

  • What your WiFi signal is really capable of - where you are
  • What your WiFi router is capable of under the best signal conditions
  • What are your options for getting a faster WiFi

Share your detailed test results and analysis - with your friends of even with ISP - it will give them much more data to be able to solve your WiFi performance issues.

(Note - the more advanced Android level you have - the more advanced analysis we can do for you. So - upgrade your device to latest Android)

TestingCatalog Rating: 27
Community Status: Open

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