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#talon #twitter #twitterclient #twitt #talonbeta

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Talon (Beta)

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Talon (Beta)

#talon #twitter #twitterclient #twitt #talonbeta

Beta Update from 10 Aug 2018
Version 100,000+
By Google Play

What’s New

With this release, Talon is supporting all the latest changes/restrictions that Twitter is making for third party apps.

- Talon Pull has been removed from the app, Twitter is no longer supporting the service that this feature used.
- Direct Message support has been improved.
- This update includes general bug fixes.

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App Description

This community is for discussing and beta testing Talon for Twitter.

To join in on the beta testing fun, all you need to do is join this community, then click on the link below (which you may need to do from your computer) and opt into the beta. Then you can download any beta updates that I put up (just remember that there will not be betas available all the time, I do need to take breaks every once in a while).

Some community rules:

  1. Everyone will be respectful and contribute towards bettering the app
  2. Post in the correct section or I will remove the post
  3. Stay on topic as best as possible
  4. Search a little before requesting a feature that has been discussed or a bug that has been reported

Hope you all enjoy what I’ve created here, I’m always open to suggestions as well (but that in no way means I will actually act on them unless I feel they will create a better experience for the majority of people).

Enjoy! #keepsliding #talonfortwitter

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