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    Date: 06 Oct 2018
    Author: Eray R
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    This week there were some pretty important leaks about the new UI overhaul which is coming to Facebook Messenger for Android, revealed by the talented leaker Jane Manchun Wong, who you can find as @wongmjane on Twitter.

    This article includes information about:

    • A new user interface
    • Dark Mode
    • AR Stickers
    • Emoji reactions
    • New actions
    • Photo Effects
    • "Add friend" pop-up

    To begin with, the new interface looks very different compared to the current one. Some highlights are the white action bar-status bar combo, the bold titles and the improved Assistant UI, which now has its own shortcut in the main page. It is positioned next to the camera and the new message buttons on the right side, while the user avatar has been switched to the left side, and below are the search bar and the Stories bubbles.